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Children and Young People research

A number of surveys during the last decade were designed specifically for find out more about the lifestyles and satisfaction of children and young people (CYP) in Herefordshire.  Reports of these surveys can be found in the boxes below.

Children's Integrated Needs Assessment

  • Children's Integrated Needs Assessment 2014Children's Integrated Needs Assessment 2014
  • The findings of the research investigation by the strategic intelligence team in 2014 into the needs and aspirations of children and young people in Herefordshire; commissioned by the Children and Young People's Partnership.
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Every Child Matters Survey

  • Every Child Matters survey summary report (Oct 2009)Every Child Matters survey summary report (Oct 2009)
  • A survey of 6,500 pupils in 23 primary and 10 secondary schools across Herefordshire. Questions asked were around health-related behaviours, e.g. healthy lifestyles, bullying, enjoyment, volunteering, money and expectations for the future. 456 kb
  • 456 Kb

Youth Survey

  • Youth Survey 2007 ReportYouth Survey 2007 Report
  • A survey of 2,000 young people aged 13-18 years old in Herefordshire. Questions were asked about how young people can influence decisions in the county, if there were enough activities to do, what information services they use, particularly Connexions.
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