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Local Economic Assessment

Legislation contained within the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill places a statutory duty on local authorities to undertake a Local Economic Assessment (LEA).  This came into affect in April 2010 and a Herefordshire Local Economic Assessment was published in the Autumn of the same year as part of the State of Herefordshire report.

The aim of LEAs is to equip local authorities and partners with a common understanding of the local economic conditions, economic geography and social and environmental factors that impact on economic growth. It should provide an evidence base to inform a range of local strategies, policies and interventions.  In particular the production of the LEA for Herefordshire was timed to coincide with the production of a revised economic development strategy for the county.

The 2010 version of the LEA was produced with reference to guidance issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government and built on work already undertaken for the State of Herefordshire report. In developing the LEA we focussed on filling gaps in information, particularly the views of businesses and other stakeholders.

In developing the Economic Development Strategy for Herefordshire 2011-2016 a more in depth consultation with businesses and other stakeholders was also undertaken. This enabled us to test some of the findings from the LEA and Herefordshire Employers' Survey as well as looking at some of the emerging priorities.  Section 4 of the strategy included a list of indicators used to monitor progress against the objectives in the strategy.

Updates to the Local Economic Assessment
No update to the Local Economic Assessment document have been undertaken since 2010.  Some updated analysis and the economic key findings have been included in subsequent Understanding Herefordshire reports. Updates to specific analysis can be found on the Economy theme page. The Research Team also produced a set of Key findings documents for localities within Herefordshire.  These documents set out some of the key issues for areas within the county including economic issues. For more information see the about localities page.


Last updated: Thursday, July 19, 2018