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Health and well-being

Key findings of research into the health and well-being of the county's residents are published in the Understanding Herefordshire report, which replaced the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the State of Herefordshire report.  More detailed topic pages about health and well-being are also available below.

The Director of Public Health also publishes an annual statutory report of the postition of health and well-being in the county.

Also available is a profile of the registered population of each GP practice in Herefordshire, which includes statistics such as the proportion of patients with particular conditions.

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Individual topic pages

General health

Healthy lifestyles

A number of topics relating to healthy lifestyles can be found on the children and young people page. 

Major causes of ill-health and mortality


End of Life Care

Related resources

Downloadable resources containing a range of information about the health of people in Herefordshire. Much of information included in these reports is also included on the detailed topic pages in the links above.


Last updated: Wednesday, May 09, 2018

  • Useful links
    1. Fingertips data

      Link to Public Health England's profiling tool to see how well Herefordshire is doing compared to other areas on a wider range of indicators of public health and the wider determinants.

    2. NHS Rightcare Intelligence

      Link to NHS England's Rightcare website, which provides a range of data packs and tools analysing variation and performance of local health economies around the country