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Healthy eating

In 2016, Public Health England produced a new healthy eating model and accompanying Eatwell GuideFor more information about healthy eating in Herefordshire download the most recent Overview of Obesity in Herefordshire report from the resource box below.

Results from the What About YOUth (WAY) survey suggest that in 2014/15 an average of 2.48 portions of fruit and 2.54 portions of vegetables were consumed daily at age 15 in Herefordshire; more than nationally or regionally.

Data from Sport England’s Active Lives survey suggests that in 2015/16, the average number of portions of vegetables consumed daily by Herefordshire adults was 3.06, significantly more than in England (2.68) and the West Midlands region (2.62).  The average number of portions of fruit consumed daily was 2.88; also more than nationally (2.63) and regionally (2.65).

For information about children's healthy eating see Healthy eating (children and young people).


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Last updated: Wednesday, April 18, 2018