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Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

For more detailed information about life expectancy in Herefordshire, download the most recent Overview of Demographics and Life Expectancy in Herefordshire report from the resource box below.

For those born in Herefordshire in 2014-16 the average life expectancy is 80.1 years for males, while for females it is 83.6 years, with both figures declining slightly since 2012-14, but for males similar to England and higher than the West Midlands region and for females, higher than for England and the West Midlands region. 

In 2014-16 the healthy life expectancy in Herefordshire was 67.4 years for males and 66.5 years for females, both higher than the national figures.

 Data Source:  Public Health England.

People born in the most deprived ten per cent of areas in Herefordshire have a shorter life expectancy at birth than those living in the least deprived ten per cent by an average of 3.9 years for males and an average of 2.6 years for females.  However, this gap is one of the smallest amongst counties with a similar level of overall deprivation to Herefordshire.

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 18, 2018