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Limiting long-term illness

The 2011 Census also showed that around 34 thousand people (approximately 19 per cent) said that they had some form of limiting long-term health problem or disability – a slightly higher proportion compared to 2001 and nationally (both 18 per cent). However, the proportion of residents of working age with a limiting long-term illness was marginally lower than the proportion nationally. The areas with highest reported levels were in areas in Bromyard, North Hereford and Leominster.  The 2011 Herefordshire Health and Well-being survey of adults found that by far the most common cause of long-term limiting illness were musculoskeletal problems, accounting for almost half of all cases.  It also found that 12 per cent of adults were limited in their ability to bathe and dress themselves.



Last updated: Wednesday, April 25, 2018