The links below are to detailed topic pages where you can find various needs assessments, as well as statistics and analysis, about housing in Herefordshire.

For general housing enquiries, please visit Herefordshire Council's housing department webpages.

Needs assessments

Local Housing Market Assessment (Nov 2013) – provides evidence regarding housing need and demand (for market and affordable housing) within Herefordshire and the seven local housing market areas

Herefordshire Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment (Nov 2015) - information about the current and future accommodation needs and demands of Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople within Herefordshire

The Herefordshire Older People’s Housing Strategy and Pathway (Mar 2015) - information about the housing and support needs of Older People that can be used for housing, regeneration and planning purposes, and can contribute to supporting investment decisions

Topic pages

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