Population and demographics

The links below are to detailed topic pages where you can find statistics and analysis about the population of Herefordshire. 

The Population of Herefordshire report can be downloaded from the resource box at the bottom of the page.  It includes analyses of how the population has changed in recent years; how it is expected to change in the future; how it differs around the county and its ethnic composition. 

Note - In March 2018 the ONS published revised population estimates which replace the mid-2012 through to mid-2016 estimates reported on here. The revised estimates incorporate a wider range of administrative and survey data than previously, resulting in an upward revision of around 200 people in Herefordshire, from 189,300 to 189,500. These revisions will be published on Facts & Figures following publication of the mid-2017 population estimates in June 2018. 

Detailed topic pages:

The population of Herefordshire


Last updated: Thursday, June 14, 2018