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Census 2011

A compulsory census of population has taken place in England and Wales every ten years since 1801 (except 1941).  The last took place on 27th March 2011, when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) posted a census form to every household in England & Wales.  It asked for information about your household and the people living or staying there on census day.  Every household was required to complete a census questionnaire (either by posting back the form received or online), and failure to do so could result in a £1,000 fine.

Interested in the results?

Individual census forms will be stored securely by ONS  for 100 years.  The most recent census for which records are open for family history research is the 1911 census.

However, statistics about local areas from the census will be used to plan services for everyone; including healthcare, schools, leisure facilities and transport. Find out how the results of the 2001 census helped people in Herefordshire.

The Research Team will hold all of the census data for Herefordshire, and we'll be doing analysis and producing profiles for local areas.  We can also advise on the use of the data if you want to carry out your own analysis: the data is all publicly available on ONS websites.  Our analysis will be integrated into the relevent topics across this website, but we will also link to it from this page.

ONS started publishing results from the 2011 Census in July 2012, with more detail following through 2012 and 2013.  The broad phases of results are listed below; see the boxes on the right for the latest updates, or the ONS website for more details (including table layouts) and national analysis or to register to be alerted directly to any changes.   

  • 1st release (July-Nov 2012): population and household estimates for all areas - click for Herefordshire county orsmall areas
  • 2nd release (Dec 2012-Mar 2013): key and quick statistics for county (11/12/12), followed by small areas – from wards to the smallest Output Areas (30/1/13)
  • 3rd release (May-Jun 2013): the most detailed characteristics for county down to ward level *updated Mar-13 (originally planned for 4th release)*
  • 4th release (Jul-Oct 2013): slightly less detailed characteristics for the smallest geographies (Output Areas)*updated Mar-13 (originally planned for 3rd release)*

Thanks for your help

ONS asked local authorities and their partners for support to help ensure the success of the census in our local areas.  The Research Team worked closely with ONS' Census Area Manager - who was responsible for running the 2011 Census in Herefordshire - to identify ways in which the local knowledge and networks of community groups and other organisations that already existed in the county could be used to help the census run smoothly. 

Thanks to the many groups and organisations that lent their support to making sure that everyone in the county got their opportunity to be counted. There was a very good response from Herefordshire.  Glen Watson, then Census Director at ONS, expressed his thanks, saying that "your support has undoubtedly had a very positive effect, creating awareness and understanding of the purpose of the 2011 Census and explaining the strict security and confidentiality around all personal information."

Last updated: Monday, August 07, 2017