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Vulnerable people

There is no single way of defining if someone is vulnerable across public services and there has been a shift away from defining vulnerability based on personal characteristics to a focus instead on the circumstances that make an individual vulnerable and the support activities required.  For example a person may be vulnerable if in receipt of social care or while in hospital, if disabled, with a long-term health problem, in a domestic abuse situation, or becomes homeless or if their home is flooded.  These circumstances may not be long-term. For further information on defining vulnerability see the discussion document below.

The links below are to detailed topic pages where you can find statistics and analysis about the different types of vulnerability in Herefordshire.  

Vulnerable children (links to topic in Children and young people section)

Adult social care, health and disability

Financial vulnerability

(links to the topics in the Economy section)


(links to the topics in the Housing section)

Other types of vulnerability


Last updated: Wednesday, May 09, 2018