About us

The Strategic intelligence team provides expertise and support on a wide range of topics on Herefordshire.   We have a mix of skills and experience enabling us to produce high quality analysis on a range of themes that is used for informing strategic planning, policy, commissioning and funding bids. Our expertise allows us to  provide expert professional advice on research (non-clinical) design and all aspects of data collection, analysis and interpretation of statistics for Herefordshire Council. Information is published as much as possible in the public domain. 

Data is collected from a wide range of sources and datasets covering various geographical levels e.g. national, regional, county, ward, and parish.  The team is responsible for carrying out surveys on residents' satisfaction, housing needs, young people's lifestyles, employee opinions and also those involving Herefordshire Voice (citizens' panel).  Data we collect covers a variety of themes including population, housing, the economy, health and communities.

You can contact us by emailing researchteam@herefordshire.gov.uk or by calling 1432 261944. 


Last updated: Monday, October 12, 2015