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Statistics about Herefordshire as a whole   

Comparison of rural and urban areas of the county[1]

Statistics for various geographies, including wards, Hereford city and the market towns, lower super output areas (LSOAs) and the associated map can be accessed through Find My Area

As LSOAs are statistical geographies of about 1,500 people, one can cover several parishes in rural areas.  Parish populations are available to download from the population topic page.

Please note that more up-to-date population estimates for wards and LSOAs are also available on the population page.

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If you are interested in detailed information about a specific topic across all areas of Herefordshire, or the county as a whole, these can be found in the about a topic section.

If you are interested in the results of opinion surveys, these can be found in the residents' views section.

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 [1] Information about how areas are classified as either rural or urban, and about the different types of small-area geography, can be found on the useful definitions page

Profiles of Herefordshire county

Profiles containing a range of facts and figures about Herefordshire as a whole.

  • Rural/urban area profileRural/urban area profile
  • A comparison of rural and urban areas of Herefordshire, including statistics relating to population, health, deprivation, education and employment. NB. More up-to-date population estimates are available on the population topic page.
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Last updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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