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The Ledbury locality is situated in the east of the county and shares a border with Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. For analytical purposes, it has been divided into the two sub-localities of Ledbury town and Ledbury rural (see map below).

Map of Ledbury 

 Understanding Ledbury locality

There are a range of resources to help in understanding how the issues facing the locality, and the needs and priorities of its local population, may be different to those across Herefordshire as a whole. 

If you’re looking for detailed information about a particular area within the locality (e.g. wards or lower super output areas), see the search tool in Find Your Area.

You might also be interested in the website, for street-level crime data.

For information about deprivation within the locality in the aspects of (i) income; (ii) employment; (iii) education, skills & training; (iv) health & disability; (v) crime; (vi) barriers to housing and services; (vii) living environment, as well as overall multiple deprivation, download the 2015 deprivation locality profile.

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Locality profile and summary

  • 2015 deprivation locality profile2015 deprivation locality profile
  • Information about deprivation within the Ledbury locality. This information comes from the Department of Communities and Local Government’s English Indices of Deprivation 2015.
  • 631 Kb
  • Ledbury locality 2011 census profileLedbury locality 2011 census profile
  • Statistics from the 2011 census about the Ledbury locality and how it compares with the county as a whole. See the profile below for statistics not obtained from the census, including deprivation, benefits, school census, hospital admissions etc.
  • 1539 Kb

Last updated: Friday, August 17, 2018