Understanding Herefordshire

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What is Understanding Herefordshire?

The purpose of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is to provide an integrated assessment of the current and future health and wellbeing needs of people of Herefordshire.

The JSNA in Herefordshire, the online evidence base that is this website and the JSNA are commonly referred to as ‘Understanding Herefordshire’ which forms the basis for the development of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Understanding Herefordshire is viewed as a key enabler of effective commissioning, linked to plans and strategies, to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of the residents of Herefordshire.

The 2016 refresh of the JSNA highlights the current position of the county regarding key inequalities experienced by its residents.The report takes a life-course approach; considering pregnancy and the postnatal period; the health of school children; and lifestyle factors in school age children and adults, as well as particular issues for older people.

Understanding Herefordshire is a high level summary with electronic links to the underlying evidence provided throughout, where more detail and supporting information or knowledge can be found. The integrated evidence base is available here and the site is maintained by Herefordshire Council’s strategic intelligence team.

Understanding Herefordshire 2016

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Last updated: Wednesday, August 17, 2016