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Understanding Herefordshire

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What is Understanding Herefordshire?

It is the statutory duty of Herefordshire Council and Clinical Commissioning Group, through the Health and Wellbeing Board, to produce a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) of the health and social care needs of the local area.  The JSNA should provide the basis for service planning and commissioning decisions by the local authority and health organisations.

JSNAs take different forms in different areas, and in Herefordshire the approach has been to produce an annual summary, Understanding Herefordshire, that highlights the key findings from all of the intelligence that has been generated over the previous year.  

Each year, routine analysis of a wide range of open source data about the characteristics of Herefordshire and its population is supplemented by a programme of more detailed analysis and needs assessments.  During the last year, the main areas of focus for the integrated evidence base have been:

  • an integrated older person’s needs assessment
  • a needs assessment for adults with learning disabilities in Herefordshire
  • an improved understanding of trends in users of adult social care services

The JSNA is produced by Herefordshire Council’s intelligence unit, with contributions from other areas of the council and partner organisations, including West Mercia Police.  Governance is provided by the JSNA steering group – a sub-committee of the Health and Wellbeing Board, with membership from the council, clinical commissioning group, 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust, Wye Valley NHS Trust, Healthwatch Herefordshire, Herefordshire Voluntary Organisation Support Services (HVOSS) and Herefordshire Carers’ Support.

Informed by last year’s JSNA, the Health and Wellbeing Board have identified four priority areas where improvements will make the biggest difference to health and wellbeing in Herefordshire.  Evidence to support these is highlighted where it appears throughout the report.

  • Giving our children a good start in life by maintaining a healthy weight and looking after their teeth.
  • Supporting people with dementia to remain as independent as possible within their community, ensuring that people are well cared for when nearing the end of life.
  • Supporting the development of resilient communities, where people help each other to remain independent and in control of their own lives.
  • Keeping people warm so they are less likely to develop enduring health problems and become acutely ill when it is cold.

Herefordshire Council’s and Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s focus is on prevention, early intervention and demand management in order to deliver better outcomes, whilst also managing the challenges of scarce public resources.  This requires an understanding of the full range of socio-economic and lifestyle factors that affect the health and wellbeing of Herefordshire’s people and communities, and an appreciation of the links between the wider determinants of health, the factors that contribute to multiple deprivation, and vulnerability.

The Parish Council Summit October 2018

The first of an ongoing series of parish council summit meetings designed to share collective knowledge and experience and identify practical ways in which together Herefordshire Council and parish and town councils can promote both prosperity and wellbeing, work together to achieve more and strive to provide the best for our citizens. 72 parish council representatives attended (covering 49 parish councils), plus Cabinet Members, Herefordshire Council Management Board and officers.

  • Parish Council Summit 2018 PresentationParish Council Summit 2018 Presentation
  • This resource contains the complete The Parish Council Summit 2018 presentation. In addition, the final slide includes a link to further information on the summit; including the official recording of the event.
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Understanding Herefordshire: JSNA 2018


Last updated: Wednesday, December 05, 2018